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Boost 750mg

CBD Tincture Calm - Lemon & Lavender

We sincerely believe you can never have enough calm and peace in your life. That’s why we created our Boost CBD Calm Tincture.

By adding the natural flavours of lemon and lavender, we’ve made a tincture that is not only delicious, but also takes the best qualities of it’s respective oils, all with the purpose of increasing relaxation and calm


Boost 750mg

CBD Tincture Sleep - Spearmint & Orange

We crafted our Boost CBD Sleep Tincture with that exact thought in mind. The natural spearmint flavour aids in reducing stress and helps puts you to sleep. The orange adds a delicious twist on a classic flavour that is guaranteed to send you to sleep with a smile on your face.

We use a lab tested CBD isolate, with NO THC in it, so you can enjoy your tincture without worrying about any unwanted effects.

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Boost 900mg CBD/THC (450mg each)

CBD Tincture 1:1 Balanced - Natural

We believe that for a 1:1 product to be truly worthwhile you have to use equally effective cannabinoids. That’s why we use the same high-quality cannabinoids in our new Boost Balanced 1:1 900mg Tincture that have made our other products so effective. Why force yourself to choose between CBD and THC when in many cases the right answer is both?

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Boost 750mg  

CBD Tincture Recover Bergamont

As you get older, your body starts to take longer and longer to get back to feeling 100% again. Do you find that your body is aching more from a hard workout or hike than it used to? No sweat! We’ve created our Boost CBD Recover Tincture to help your body heal efficiently.

The bergamot we add to our tincture helps your body deal with inflammation and can help soothes those aches and pains

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Boost 750mg

CBD Tincture Energize - Lime & Passionfruit

 Our Boost CBD Energize Tincture to give use the energy we need to get through even the longest days at work.

We added lime and passionfruit to help give the CBD the extra kick in needs to get your body in gear for the day. Don’t rely on endless cups of coffee and countless energy drinks. Treat your body instead and give it some Boost CBD Energize Tincture.

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Boost 750mg

CBD Tincture Focus - Grapefruit

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get yourself to focus. Don’t beat yourself up! It happens to everyone. For times like that we created our Boost CBD Focus Tincture.

We added natural grapefruit oil, as the super fruit is known for its medical benefits, as well as tasting amazing! Just a dropper of our Boost CBD Focus Tincture and you’re right back on track!