Enjoy a premium fruity smooth edible experience with these 5 gram Cherry, Orange and Raspberry soft
fruit chews (Not a Gummy! In between a Burst and a H*-Chew). Blue Skies has developed this line of soft
fruit chews to maintain a natural flavour and color by eliminating any ingredients that contain artificial
colors or flavours. Each chew is infused with a hybrid strain of Δ-9 THC distillate, a refreshing balanced
blend of cannabis Sativa and Indica.
Every batch of high-grade cannabis distillate used to make Blue Skies fruit chews is tested at critical
stages to ensure each individual chew is consistently infused.
One pouch of Blue Skies Faded Fruit Soft Chews contains 6 individually wrapped 5-gram chews that
contain 25 mg of THC/chew yielding 150 mg/pouch.
tetrahydrocannabinol distillate Calories/5g serving: 29


Contents 6 x 5g Soft Fruit Chew

Dosage Each chew contains 25mg of THC. If you are new to
edibles start slow at ¼ of a piece, wait for a minimum of
30 minutes for subsequent doses. If consumed with a
protein &/or fat rich food, gastric flushing times are
longer and dose frequency should be lengthened

Effects * Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative

Medical Effects * Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Cannabinoid Content 150mg of THC

* Effect information obtained from non-clinical anecdotal reports from 8821 individuals reported on Leafy

Blue Skies Faded Fruit 150

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