Island Lemon Skunk AAA++

THC: 21-23%

Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

The strain is a sativa dominant strain with a 25:75 indica/sativa ratio. As the name implies it is a cross between Island Sweet and Lemon Skunk. Considering its genetics, it is one of the most potent sativa dominant strains you can medicate with. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the buds are dense and are lavishly coated with yellow and orange hairs along with glistening crystals. It smells exquisite just like a fresh lemon, but with skunky undertones. Its distinct aroma does set itself apart from any other strain you may have tried before. As for the taste, it is more or less the same as the smell. But what is really interesting is that it is delicious and smooth like candy. After smoking the strain, you will feel the high take over you almost instantaneously. The strain is not a creeper and offers a cerebral high with a body buzz that will keep you energized and happy. You will feel euphoric and talkative, which is why it is a must-have strain, especially if you are hanging out with your friends. The motivational high lasts for hours and is perfect for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and even stress.

Island Lemon Skunk

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