Sunrock Sativa Preroll x1 (single)

THC: 75-90%

The Caviar Collection’s proprietary blend of high-quality flower, distillate and kief make this Sunrock Collection powerful, consistent, and slow-burning.

Every single flower that goes into this pre roll is hand-selected for potency, flavour, and essence. This stunning Sunrock consists of caked up Black Widow flower, with golden distillate testing in at 94% drizzled over top, and finally coated with a thin coat of Peanut Butter Breath Kief.

We promise a top-shelf experience with every rock. Whether it is a special treat or your go to – a little goes a long way with the Caviar Collection of Sunrock Pre Rolls.

The potency of each pre roll varies, but expect between 75 to 90 percent THC.

Sunrock Sativa PR - Caviar Collection

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